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Vitality Pensioners Homes and Urban Spatial Layout

陈国伟 Benjamin Chan

演讲嘉宾陈国伟是 LWK + PARTNERS董事,他于2001牛业于英国巴斯Bath大学,2005在英国UCL完成英国注册建筑beat365最新版格。在2005加入英国皇家建筑学会会员。他拥有超过20年建筑设计经验,尤善于超高层与酒店设计,管理及统筹大型综合性功能项目。


Mr. Benjamin Chan is a director of LWK + partners. He graduated from Bath University in 2001 and completed the UK registered architect qualification in UCL in 2005. Joined the Royal Institute of Architecture in 2005. He has more than 20 years of architectural design experience, especially excellent in super high-rise and hotel design, management and overall planning of large-scale mix -used projects.

The content of this sharing is to explore the relationship between dynamic pension and urban design. In terms of architectural layout, how to reduce the definition of "old" and maximize the integrated design and consideration of space and surrounding environmental resources.

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